fire butteflies

10 years ago. Two children playing to understand the wind language. The curtain moves... answering questions. Future? Past? all is clearly unclear, dreams and wishes dancing like the fire butterflies in the wind, making circles and whispering a touch. Now that voice in my mind: the wind, eternal strange singing in the middle of the noise. And what if a cat cries? is the wet paper the only one that can be broken? Days goes bye and sometimes silence is not enough... so what would u do in my place? to forget the wall and put a curtain thinking in destiny is the perfect solution, and bite the lips is better. Sillent is not enough and the sky is so far. This is not a fairytail. Is my tail and i'm not a fairy. So what would u do? You're not in my place, you are in your place trying to understand your own world. This is not really happening. Keep your way... i just ask you for a while to see my eyes. i want to belive the wall can fall.


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